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Many successful installations throughout Ireland

Digi Systems reports a great reception and tremendous success with the release of their New Butchery Systems Solutions into the Irish market. Digi's unique technology now provides the missing link to the Monetary Control of "The Butcher's Shop".

With over 50 systems successfully installed throughout Ireland this technology is a first to have a secure detailed item link between the Scale and the PC POS Cash Register. This provides a fast and secure way to record and complete Sales Details on the DigiPOS register. Technically this is achieved with the safeguard of a unique Digi transaction record in the barcode of the Scale Receipt.

The technology has the capacity to monitor staff performance in conjunction with Customer Instore movements. The System Reports provides very detailed information including Sales Analysis, Margin Control, Stock Control and full Farm to Fork Traceability, which is an invaluable health and safety tool in today's marketplace.

One of the ingenious offerings of the new Digi Butcher's Solution is the effortless way it allows today's busy busy Butcher to control his Customer Credit Accounts.

Benefits that appealed to this customer:

· Multi Media Screens helping to Up Sell or Cross Sell and advertise Promotions in store.

· Full Color Touch Screen eliminating operator errors and unsightly paper keyboards.

· Second Printer producing promotional information as well as coupons and recipes.

· Informative Labeling detailing ingredients and allergens along with cooking instructions.

Butchery Systems

Butchery Systems

The System automatically caters for 5 different price levels when invoicing to hotels, restaurants vis-a-vis the general public. Invoices and Statements can be generated in our system confining the old 'customer books' to the bin and freeing up that valuable selling/shop time for the butcher.

Despite the many and varied functions available it is a remarkably user-friendly system. Some of the basic features include, Goods inwards, Stock Control, Back office label printing, Security, Dry goods scanning, Vouchers, Christmas club etc: all with very detailed reporting.

A proprietor can now for the first time monitor and report on all products weighed on the Scales.

An 'Unsold Transaction' report will detail all the products weighed but not paid for at the cash register.

A very significant benefit of the system is to allow the Butcher spend time away from the business knowing that on his return it will provide full accountability of all store weighing and cash/selling activities at product level during his absence.

Butchery Systems

Digi Systems can integrate their Systems Scales directly to a CCTV system. This will run in tandem with the CCTV connection to the EPOS cash register. This will provide the butcher with photographic assurances as to the movement of each particular product over the scale.

The unique Weighed Product Reporting now allows a Butcher to investigate waste and control/increase margins, thus improving his business's profitability. The systems unique stock control analyses is based on carcase to primal to retail product.

Digi's Food Factory Systems Labelling, Intake, Slaughter Floor, Boning Hall, Yields, Weigh Price Labelling, Dispatch and Payment modules with full accounts integration.

The ingenuity of our Software Suites is their modular design, which integrates all these disciplines. This means that the Butcher can start with PC Scales linked to a PC POS Register and build as the System that meets his requirements. Further modules and functionality is simply added as required. The design of the system means it will control a single shop or multiple shop locations with the added ability to seamlessly integrate to our Digi Food Factory System.

Digi Systems welcome the opportunity to provide a detailed demonstration of how our proven technologies can assist you to maximise your Butcher's Shop performance and profitability. As many currant users have said, "Truly a great investment".

Butchery Systems